What is SET YP and what are its main aims?

The project aims to develop structured and innovative solutions towards increasing employability potential of young people throughout providing them with knowledge on social entrepreneurship & innovation.

“SET YP” has following specific objectives:

  • Build capacity of the partnership in the field of social entrepreneurship and SI education, facilitate the transfer of best practices and boost human capital of consortium throughout learning mobility;
  • Build capacity of the partnership in the field of non-formal learning methods applied to NEETs, in particular in the field of applying gamification approach to organization of learning process;
  • Increase employability potential of NEETs throughout fostering their transversal skills and providing them with knowledge on social entrepreneurship and Social Innovation (SI);
  • Develop comprehensive training module on SI education for NEETs and elearning platform sustainable beyond the „SET YP‟ lifetime;
  • Encourage cooperation and networking between youth work and social business sector on national and international levels;
  • Promote entrepreneurship and SI worldwide and European policies and activities in the field of social economy, in particular European Social Innovation Competition;
  • Promote Youth on the Move and Erasmus+ programme, its objectives and opportunities, especially in the partner countries

The outline of the Project

The project has four phases:

Phase I: Training Course on Social Innovation Education, 11-19 May 2019,

Location: Corfu, Greece
11- 19 May 2019

International Training Course on Social Innovation (SI) Education will be combined with kick-off meeting. Training course main aims are to bring together youth workers from 10 diverse organizations in order to build up consortium’s capacity, share experience on using gamification method in youth work, share experiences on working with NEETs and practicing NFE in youth work, provide youth workers with comprehensive knowledge on social entrepreneurship and SI education. We will set up the basic for local hubs implementation – start developing its content and methodology for each during the TC and finalize being back to local communities.

Phase II – Dissemination Events:  Local Hubs in the project countries

The main targets were as below. 

  • Inculcate the principles of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation for young business minded youths
  • Discover and create own business ideas and mold it to consider sustainable society, economy and environment 
  • Make viable business model to fit today’s competitive market 
  • Recognize and use the various methods to find funding and investment  
  • Create a captivating video pitch for advertisement 
  • Exposure to the EU projects and opportunities 
  • Certify the youths for the participation

In Nepal, VHS Bhaktapur hosted 5 local hubs in Putalisadak in the Kathmandu Branch office with 15 youths. You can follow the development through this link: www.facebook.com/events/392732324704905/

Phase III – Job Shadowing in Partner Countries

The participants that took part in the first Phase, TC in Greece then took part in the inter-continental exchange program with the various partners as a job-shadower. One participant from each country got the chance to travel to a new country and worked as a job-shadower to the coordinator, working as a youth-worker in that country.

The job-shadower too worked in the e-learning platform development for the social-entrepreneurship online course.

Phase IV –Seminar in Nepal

Seminar in Nepal aims to facilitate evaluation of the hub activity – conclude efficiency of the methods used, including the gamification approach, learning achievements of the youth workers and the youth participating in hub, results of the competition. The youth workers will share their experience implementing the local projects, we will analyze together the results and methods used and work in groups on defining best practices of SI education, drafting the introduction, activities and materials for the online long-term training course on SI. We have chosen VHS BHAKTAPUR from Nepal as seminar hosting organization since they are specializing on e-learning platforms creation and as an added value the consortium will have a chance to learn from VHS BHAKTAPUR daily work, methods and techniques. We will also discuss each winner idea and develop practical recommendations for its implementation and analyze its potential for European Social Innovation competition.

Expected Intellectual Outcomes:

E-Platform for Social Entrepreneurs:

Content for the online long-term training course on the social innovation and E-learning platform:

The online course structure will be based on 8 modules:

M1: Brief introduction to the social entrepreneurship and social innovation

concepts, European and global policies in the field of SI

M2-M6: 5 updated video training modules (each module follows one of the local

hubs meetings) with workshops content and detailed description, modified

according to evaluation of the methods used, basing on the reflection of NEETs,

recommendations from stakeholders) Each module finishes with a selfassessment

test on learning achievements

M7: Practical guidance on finding funds for social business

M8: List of gamificated activities that support stimulating ideas

Job Shadowing

The youth workers from the partner organizations can share the good youth work practices along with learning the culture of the host country.

And the Local Hubs + Dissemination

This project started in May 2019 and would end at the end of November 2020. VHS Bhaktapur is an active partner of this project and would host the 10 countries in Nepal for the seminar being held in Nepal in 2020.