“GLOBERS: Global Learning to Overcome Barriers Encouraging Respect and Solidarity” aims to create an enabling environment for global citizenship education in the context of inter and transcontinental migration processes and to build capacity of the organizations involved in international volunteering mobility on global level. The project promotes international volunteering mobility as a pathway on raising active and global citizenship and boosting understanding of the rights deriving from it and the European values in general. GLOBERS is focused on involvement of young people with fewer opportunities in volunteering activities.

The specific objectives of GLOBERS are:

  1. Support youth organizations in recreating activities on GCE for their target groups thanks to the handbook created and disseminated as project output
  2. Reinforce youth workers’ skills in the field of management of European projects, global citizenship education and youth participation, with particular regard to human and migrants rights and sustainable development, through the exchange of best practices and creating workshops’ agenda
  3. Offer 9 volunteering mobility activities to young people with fewer opportunities in order to support them with reinforcing transversal skills, improving personal and social competences, foster employability potential
  4. Increase awareness about global citizenship in the participating communities throughout volunteers’ workshops and on global level throughout the online postcard competition, foster a better understanding of migration as a natural process in global community, promote empathy and solidarity
  5. Overall to promote global citizenship, active citizenship, European values, spirit of volunteering and non-formal learning in partners’ communities

Project phases:

1 .Youth worker exchange in Trento

Every partner sends 1 youth worker to the exchange.

Strengthen l inks between partners, get to know each other ; share best practice of supporting and monitoring volunteering; discuss a methodology to promote GCE; discuss GCE and challenges related to migration as a global process; create draft agenda of 5 diverse workshops on GCE targeted to children and youth;

2. 9 volunteering periods

The volunteering period is of 12 months each, preferably happening more or less at the same moment. The volunteer has to conduct 5 workshops on GCE to children and/or youth during the 12 months of service.

3. Youth workers exchange in Slovakia

The idea is to have a meeting 3 months after most of the volunteers finish their service, approx. October 2021 . Every partner sends 1 participant . At the meeting we will revise what was done and share experiences of the volunteers, present the results of the workshops; start drafting a handbook basing on the workshops
conducted – best practices, methodologies used by the volunteers, quest ions raised by the participants during the workshops, etc. ;
launch online postcard competition*

4. Meeting in Belgium,

approx. 6 months after the meeting in Slovakia. Every partner sends 1 participant . The aim of
the meeting is to share results, discuss further networking and present the handbook.

5. Dissemination Events in Each Partner Country

Dissemination events in each partner country to share the results of the project and the handbook in
partners’ language to the local community.