VHS Bhaktapur partnered with CODECvzw for the DigitalCommanDEOR project in the year 2018. The project started with the representative of VHS Bhaktapur participating in the first training held in Vila Nova de Cerveira in Portugal in March 2018. The project proceeded with job shadowing by a VHS representative in Belgium while VHS Bhaktapur hosted a representative from a Portuguese organization Geo Clube. The final seminar was held in Montleban, Belgium.

Various dissemination events were held in Nepal to share the ideas and the outcomes of this project.


Project “Digital CommanDEOR” aims to raise the professionalization of youth work at global level by supporting youth organizations to improve the dissemination and exploitation of project results (DEOR) methods they use, build up their online identity in order to be more accessible for their target groups, better promote their projects and foster cooperation and exchanges between Programme and Partner countries involved. The project develops structured actions towards increasing professionalization of the youth workers and providing youth organizations with practical instruments for increasing quality of DEOR methods. To achieve this, the project foresees three different youth workers’ mobility activities, number of local activities and elaboration of an Open Educational Resource and manual on DEOR that would allow fellow organizations also building capacity in the field of their external communication strategies and continuing exchange of best practices among peers.

Digital technology has potential to create some golden opportunities for youth work practitioners in terms of promotion events, training and volunteering opportunities, driving up attendance and attracting the new members, engaging with young people who may or may not yet access youth provision, ensuring greater visibility of own daily work through videos and photos, establishing online discussions, receiving feedback from young people and getting inspired from the peers. In discussion with other partners we came to conclusion that these tools, which are almost for free, are not used enough as tools for DEOR or used are chaotically without any strategy. The project aims to discover social media potential for dissemination of projects within Erasmus+ programme throughout bridging deliverables of social media marketing (SMM) and ways to apply them to youth work sector.

The specific objectives are the following:
To foster cooperation and build capacity of participating youth organizations in terms of literate use of the DEOR methods and to transfer and exchange knowledge in the field of Erasmus+ projects dissemination with particular attention to the use of social media channels;

  • To develop an Open Educational Resource and a manual on effective online dissemination strategies for youth organizations with particular examples, tips, instructions, adopted social media marketing tools and present it to open access;
  • To support learning process and professionalization of participating youth workers in the field of communication to target groups and projects promotion;
  • To build up a quality and user-friendly online identity of participating organizations;
  • To support accessibility of the information for youth organizations’ target groups – “the digital natives”, to increase number and quality of information sources and promote Erasmus+ programme opportunities on global level
  •  To increase the visibility of current, past and future Erasmus+ projects on global level.

Project is funded within Capacity Building for Youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia, Erasmus+ Programme.