As a hub for Youth activities VHS Bhaktapur has broaden its work sharing in global participation on several projects to fulfill the common goal on Capacity building for youth workers. VHS Bhaktapur has been participating in Erasmus+ projects related to Capacity Building for Youth Workers since 2015. Number of our staffs and interns have been able to get the opportunity to participate in several of these cross continental projects and informal learning possibility with an exposure on different wonderful projects in other part of the world. Basic idea of sharing and learning from the best practices and creating the resources for pupils, these projects has created enthusiasm among our wonderful participants in different projects.

Within several projects VHS Bhaktapur has introduced several local labs, Training programs and Workshops. Until now several hundred participants has been benefited with the program we hosted locally in Nepal. To know more about the projects follow the sub menu under Erasmus +

  2. YouMUST: Youth Marketing Policy Makers for Sustainable Development
  3. Digital CommanDEOR
  4. mYOULEAD: mYouth Lead in Shaping the Future
  5. SET YP: Social Entrepreneurship Training 4 Youth Power