Kamal Subedi – Teacher and Head of German Language

My name is Kamal, but everyone calls me Komal.

I have been working as a German Language teacher at VHS Bhaktapur since 2014, and since 2015 I additionally started working as ÖSD-examiner. I have taken part in multiple Non-formal Education methodology training in ERASMUS+ and am a DaF instructor as well.

Kranti Poudyal- Lehrer B1/B1+

Working with the professional team since 2017 at VHS has always been great fun. I am absolutely impressed with the learning jest of the German learners joining VHS who give so much effort and dedication to learning.

I always had a great fascination with languages; esp German language. I began the teaching German language to extend help to professionalize the Nepali youths to find their potential in Nepal or in German-speaking countries.

Prajan Bastola – Teacher A1/A2

I’m Prajan Bastola, from Bhaktapur, Nepal. Initially, I started my journey with Career Disha Nepal in 2016, a sister organisation of VHS Bhaktapur, where I have aided career assistants in between and completed technical work as an intern.

I have also finished my German language course. I started instructing German language classes for levels A1 and A2 at VHS Bhaktapur in 2019. I also operate as the project coordinator and facilitator for a number of ERASMUS+ projects where I trained as a non-formal educator. I’m always trying to learn and experience new stuff.