Meet us!

VHS (Volkshochschule = community learning center) was established in 2011 as a German language school and learning center in Nepal. Our main branch is located in Bhaktapur, but since 2015 we also have a branch in Kathmandu (Putalisadak). Students get the chance to learn German from A1 to B2 and take certified language exams. As official ÖSD examination center we can also offer seats to external students.

Additionally, VHS offers a volunteer program and internships for foreign applicants in order to further the intercultural exchange between Nepal and German-speaking countries. We also try our best to create opportunities in the Nepali job market and educational field for Nepalis and take part in several social and educational projects. Among our partners are ErasmusPlus and the European Union.

VHS Bhaktapur is a non-profit organisation.