Get your German Language Certificate

The ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch = Austrian Language Certification for German Language) is a certified examination format for German as a Foreign Language. ÖSD examinations are internationally recognized and at VHS Bhaktapur, you can take them from levels A1-B2. We are a certified examination center and offer examination seats to internal as well as external students.

If you pass, you will receive a language certificate that is recognized in all of Europe and that will help you apply for your au-pair placement or your visa process (Note: please inquire with the concerned authority, which level you need and whether they accept ÖSD certificates!). The exam consists of four parts: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. It is a modular exam (which means, that in case you fail your written part but pass speaking, you can repeat only the written part). Like most other German language exams, ÖSD exams are pluricentric, which means that they make use of text and audio materials from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Here you can read the examination rules and regulations (only in German, sorry)

New examination dates and available seats are published on our Facebook page.

New Examination fees for 2024 has been updated please be informed before you register for examination.


Teil Exam Fee For B1 Level


You will also be informed on Facebook as soon as we know the results of your exam.

The examinee can receive their result within 2 working weeks for A1 and A2 an extra € 70* and B1 and B2 € 80* and should be confirmed in advance 15 days before the exam date. *according to the NRB exchange rate of the day

All paid exam fees are non-refundable