VHS mainly offers German language courses on levels A1-B2 (if you want to know more, check out Become a student at VHS or our Facebook page, where we always keep you posted). In addition to this, our students get the chance to join conversation classes to improve their speaking abilities. These classes are held by our volunteers.

We also offer courses for students without previous educational background, our so-called Alpha courses; we hold regular teacher-trainings for our own teachers; and then there is the Cultural Introduction Seminar, a workshop designed to offer Non-Nepalis a unique and entertaining insight into Nepali culture. Also, every once in a while, we start a new Nepali class for foreigners.

Alpha Courses:

This class was created to give those with no educational background a chance to learn German. Especially those who have problems with learning languages, reading and writing, or just learning in general, will feel more comfortable in this class.

Teacher training

This class is offered for teachers of VHS Bhaktapur only. It is a teacher training that is held by German native speakers with a background in DaF (German as a Foreign Language) and consists of topics like teaching methods, games and activities in the classroom, social forms, planning a class, using the proper books etc. Teachers get the chance to see their teaching practice from a different angle and learn new perspectives in their field.