VHS Bhaktapur is a German language school, ÖSD-examination centre and innovative education hub hidden away in beautiful Bhaktapur (with another branch in Kathmandu).

We work closely together in a multicultural team to not only teach German language and the culture of Germany, Austria and Switzerland to our students, but we use innovative and practically oriented educational methods. We want to create the rich soil in which new ideas and projects can grow and flourish, and we want to give our young students the tools which they need to take responsibility for their own learning. This way, we hope to reduce unemployment and create new perspectives.

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International Projects

As a hub for Youth activities VHS Bhaktapur has broaden its work sharing in global participation on several projects to fulfill the common goal on Capacity building for youth workers. VHS Bhaktapur has been participating in Erasmus+ projects related to Capacity Building for Youth Workers since 2015. Number of our staffs and interns have been able to get the opportunity to participate in several of these cross continental projects and informal learning possibility with an exposure on different wonderful projects in other part of the world. learn more

Youth Center

In addition to our language classes, VHS is holding “friday events” on a regular basis. These cover a wide variety of topics, mostly they are about cultural exchange, specific information – and obviously loads of fun. We plan events like movie nights, game nights, parties (like our annual Christmas party), info events (i.e. about studies in Germany or other German-speaking countries) and so much more. Learn More

Cultural Events

In addition to German language classes we organize cultural activities from time to time. Sometimes related to German culture, sometimes just to be creative. Best is you follow us on facebook to never miss any cool event.

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