You are a student at university and have an interest in cultural exchange and the way of working in other countries? You have just finished your higher secondary and want to gain intercultural experience?


VHS was established to let people meet, share and experience new culture every day. It is also a place where volunteers are fully integrated and can learn and teach in the same time. People from all different nations are welcome here and we try to find the right place or a host family for each of them. According to the principles of a Volkshochschule, in the German speaking countries we believe that everybody has a knowledge which is worth to be shared. 

VHS is the biggest formal and informal learning center in town. We teach German and Nepali language, we counsel students on their way abroad, we organize workshops and trainings but also various programs like cultural festivals, awareness programs or information evenings. As volunteer or intern you will be encouraged to get engaged either directly in one of these offers or in helping us providing the administrative backend to make all this happen.Therefore we have possibilities for Nepali as well as engaged persons from abroad. 

This summer I got the chance to volunteer at the VHS Bhaktapur. I couldn't have spend my summer in a better way. By doing so you don't only have the possibility to serve the community as a teacher (for German classes, soft skill or business workshops) but also you can dive deeply into the Nepalese culture. Working together with open-minded and open-hearted Nepali you get to know a lot: culture, religion, food, way...

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I came to VHS Bhaktapur as an administrative volunteer, and I had a great time working there. VHS has a lot of educational and social programs and I felt very involved in contributing to these programs and to the different events that VHS held during my stay, such as the opening ceremony of their new office in Kathmandu. After the earthquake of April 25, 2015, I was also able to witness how VHS assisted various...

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