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Rabin Karki, Student

Good to hear the young team of VHS is heading for such a wonderful program aimed for students as well as other professionals thinking to peruse higher education in Germany: As a matter of fact the first and foremost thing in Germany is the language, quite difficult I should say but not impossible.by learning language in vhs I feel myself luckier because I could interact properly and has helped lot in hören,lesen and verstehen. I recommend others to grab the benefit and enroll sooner in vhs wanting to come and stay in Germany. The amount of money we pay here is 3-4 times more I paid in Nepal. its been just 2 months I have arrived here and could sense the difference. I think this country provides lot opportunities who really wants and will to something. But to take something core study of language is the first and foremost requirement. We can understand the core of European living, kulture, food, norms and values. And also the positivity towards nature and its protection. I learned to tackle the problems and become self independent, become punctual and understood the meaning of hard work. may be all these things are lacking in our country. There are various of subjects we can choose to study and everything I felt here is done or thought practically which arouses new ideas and skills. Having good grades or properly trained one can get good job and have the further chance to go for research activities. I felt food can never be a problem for us and part time job is much easier to get if our language is good and acquire some experience within home country. ACOMMODATION is easier with lot of hostels and shared apartments but the price is in recent years costlier but not so high according to current perspective. Weather is somehow same like Nepal except in winter and summer was somehow strange for me initially. the sun stays till 10 pm at night and rises at 5 am so early in morning. I was at first surprised to experience this. Homesickness I felt initially a little but with other Nepalese, I could feel like in my homeland. And about health, if you need medical attention insurance is there to cover every thing and is compulsory to be insured. Pollution is absolute null I must say in compared with my country. Everything is here done in order and anybody has the full right to raise their voice if he/she is unsatisfied. Kulture is integral part here in Germany and many cultural programs comes occasionally with huge participation. I most say BERLIN is multikulterelle stadt;no racial discrimination, and harmonious living. zum schluss ICH MUSS ENTSTEHEN,dass mein englisch schlecht geworden ist und ich denke es als ein vorteil denn an anderer seite wurde mein deutsch besser geworden.Das habe ich mich beim dieser beitrag schreiben gefühlt.NA DANN;ich gratuliere der VHS familie herzlich vorher zum kommenden Program und wünsche viel erfolg. MEINE SCHÖNE ERINERRUNG AN ALLE MITGLIEDER DER VHS.

liebe grüße rabin

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VHS was the best place for me to learn the german language. I am so proud that of the precious time spend on this institute because I really felt excited, encouraging environment with friendly teachers. I really got impressed due to the friendly nature of my teachers as he/she always understand the feelings of every student and check the homework without any kind of hesitation and help according to the nature of...

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During the introcution seminar we got informations to history and politics of the country. The situaiton of the people living in Nepal as well as festivals and habit were is explained in detail and we got tips for our behaviour in daily life (shopping, dress, food, hygenic issues, what to do if sick etc.). The speeches with short movies and powerpoint were very informative. practical demonstration were presented in a humorous way and left space open for surprises.

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