You are a student at university and have an interest in cultural exchange and the way of working in other countries? You have just finished your higher secondary and want to gain intercultural experience?

Kim Duong, 28, Volunteer

It was really a great experience to be a volunteer in VHS. I got to learn so much about Nepal through my time in VHS that would not imagine myself be into one culture so much without this exeperience.
The induction into Nepalese culture was so useful and mind-blowing. I have got as much support as I need here that living in Nepal was not only easy but was also very enjoyable..
In addition, I was truly amazed by the social business model that VHS is implementing to impact in the society through its educational programs. Seeing the way VHS's staff is trying to empower young people in Bhaktapur, I am very proud to be a small part of the contribution. Such organizaion as VHS should be encouraged and supported by all stakeholders, because the impact will be enormous and so crucial for the society.
What VHS doing is very inspiring and I hope this organization can bring more positive changes to the society in the future.

Lisa Mauritz Volunteer

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Laura Aßmann Volunteer

Nach ca. zwei Monaten, die ich nun schon in Nepal verbracht habe, kann ich nur sagen: Nepal ist wundervoll. Umgeben von zwei großen, aufsteigenden Industrienationen symbolisiert Nepal für mich eine kleine Oase. Ein Ort an dem man sich und seine Persönlichkeit entfalten kann, ein Ort an dem man an sich selber und seiner Umgebung wachsen kann, ein Ort an dem man lernt, die grundlegenden Dinge im Leben wieder zu...

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