We are a community learning center in Bhaktapur - Nepal. With innovative approaches and an openness for various sectors we want to create new services in the field of formal and informal education.

Elenor Grafenthien, 37, Volunteer

This summer I got the chance to volunteer at the VHS Bhaktapur. I couldn't have spend my summer in a better way. By doing so you don't only have the possibility to serve the community as a teacher (for German classes, soft skill or business workshops) but also you can dive deeply into the Nepalese culture. Working together with open-minded and open-hearted Nepali you get to know a lot: culture, religion, food, way of living, the city (and its secret beauty), festivals, working life, Nepali language, sights, etc. And besides learning about Nepal I also got different new perspectives about Germany and the German language. By teaching and through curious questions I didn't take German things for granted but had to rethink it for being able to explain it. Volunteering as I experienced it integrates you a lot into the community as you give yourself in. I talked about business ideas and projects with locals, cooked the local food together with them, was able to join my neighbours at a Yoga class in the morning, got invited to Nepali weddings, meditated with Buddhist monks and nuns, got to know a lot of shop owners and adapted the Nepali way of living: relaxed, smiling, taking time, enjoying and being grateful. Apart from this you can also take you time as a volunteer at the VHS to discover the country, e. g. going to Pokhara/Chitwan/Lumbini and doing things like trekking, elefant safaries or personal retreats.
All in all it was a great experience for me and I am grateful for all the ones making this possible. Thanks!

Laura Aßmann Volunteer

Nach ca. zwei Monaten, die ich nun schon in Nepal verbracht habe, kann ich nur sagen: Nepal ist wundervoll. Umgeben von zwei großen, aufsteigenden Industrienationen symbolisiert Nepal für mich eine kleine Oase. Ein Ort an dem man sich und seine Persönlichkeit entfalten kann, ein Ort an dem man an sich selber und seiner Umgebung wachsen kann, ein Ort an dem man lernt, die grundlegenden Dinge im Leben wieder zu...

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It was really a great experience to be a volunteer in VHS. I got to learn so much about Nepal through my time in VHS that would not imagine myself be into one culture so much without this exeperience.
The induction into Nepalese culture was so useful and mind-blowing. I have got as much support as I need here that living in Nepal was not only easy but was also very enjoyable..
In addition, I was truly amazed...

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