We are a community learning center in Bhaktapur - Nepal. With innovative approaches and an openness for various sectors we want to create new services in the field of formal and informal education.

Arthur, Volunteer

It would take a whole book to describe how nice and dedicated is the team in VHS. During the 6 month I spent working there, VHS gave me opportunities to teach and learn. They trusted me with my work and gave me challenging opportunities to improve my skills.
Spending so much time with this team was definitly a life changing experience that I would repeat with no doubt a all.
Cheers to VHS!


Good to hear the young team of VHS is heading for such a wonderful program aimed for students as well as other professionals thinking to peruse higher education in Germany: As a matter of fact the first and foremost thing in Germany is the language, quite difficult I should say but not impossible.by learning language in vhs I feel myself luckier because I could interact properly and has helped lot in hören,lesen...

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Die letzten 9 Wochen waren sehr abwechslungsreich und erfüllend hier in Nepal, im Land der höchsten Berge unseres Erdballs und dschungelartigen Tiefländern. Die Erfahrungen die ich bis jetzt gemacht habe, möchte ich nicht missen wollen. Mein Name ist Michael Schlorke, 26 Jahre alt, und arbeite als Freiwilliger an der Volkshochschule für deutsche Sprache und Kultur in Bhaktapur.
Die nepalesische Gesellschaft ist...

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