What can Social Entrepreneurship do for youth which are not in employment, education or training? A lot, is the promising answer ...

The aim of E3

E3 aims to respond to a global challenge of today – youth unemployment. The problem of youth unemployment is a case that demands not only transformations at the labour markets, but new innovative elements and approaches that will create opportunities for “transformations” of NEETs. Thus the main idea of E3 is to contribute to fighting youth unemployment through providing youths with practical tools on Social Youth Entrepreneurship (SYE). Social Entrepreneurship being another recently growing trend in Europe, in the same time still stays undiscovered for NEETs and is not being used as an opportunity to enter the labour market while this sector can employ society’s most fragile members as NEETs are. The activities foreseen within E3 will directly impact youths’ skills and capacities through SYE education and increase NEETs potential to be employed, especially in the field of social enterprise that being a newly appeared labour market sector lacks human resources and due to its social focus can employ society’s fragile members.

VHS role in the first exchange

In this first exchange activity we are excited to be the only organization, which is a social business itself. Therefore we could contribute a lot of our experience during the youth exchange and also while organizing the local labs it helped us to spread the word better.

We have documentd Maya Universe Academy as a case study for the booklet on social entrepreneurship and given this as one example alongside our own organization during the local labs held in July and August 2015.

Furhtermore the idea has been involved in designing our youth theater togehter with EVN Community Theater.. EVN community theater has been working with local youth on a youth made theater piece on a social issue which bothered them. We were happy, that they have picked up this topic and produced the play स्वदेशको माया (Swadesh Ko Maya), which had its premier on September 3rd in Sarwanam theater.

Outcome and results

In our variou activities we have spread the word about social entrepreneurship among youth and created a athmosphere in which young people started to gain interest in this topic as a solution.

Here you can download the booklet made togehter with all the other partners. More information on the project can be found on the offical website of E3.