International Exchange is one of our key-strength. In context with the Erasmus+ partnerships

VHS has been selected to be part of three Erasmus+ funded projects so far, of which one is currently going on. Those project provide our team with a unique chance to learn and exchange with international organizations.

E3 - Employment for Youth NEET

“E3” is an innovative project in terms of its approach and methodology, diverse and global partnership, and what is the most important, in terms of focus on social entrepreneurship as a pathway for fostering youth employability. We believe that with such a unique potential of our consortium, we’ll be able to bring a real change to the world’s social capital and employability potential of young people. The project was running from Fall 2015 to End 2016. Read more here ...

YouMUST - Youth Marketing Policy Makers for Sustainable Development

The core aim of the project “Youth Marketing Policy Makers for Sustainable Development” is to increase the creativity of young people and to contribute to developing the capabilities of civil society organi-zations in the youth field through gaining marketing management knowledge about the three pillars of sustainable development: eco-nomic, social and environmental benefits. In this context the project gathers 12 organizations from 11 countries: Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Ghana; Kyrgyzstan; Macedonia; Nepal, Poland; Romania; Slovakia and Slovenia.

The project was running from September 2016 till June 2017. Read more here ...

Digital CommanDEOR

Digital CommanDEOR” aims to raise the professionalization of youth work at global level by supporting youth organizations to improve the dissemination and exploitation of project results (DEOR) methods they use, build up their online identity in order to be more accessible for their target groups, better promote their projects and foster cooperation and exchanges between Programme and Partner countries involved. Theproject develops structured actions towards increasing professionalization of the youth workers and providing youth organizations with practical instruments for increasing quality of DEOR methods. To achieve this, the project foresees three different youth workers’ mobility activities, number of local activities and elaboration of an Open Educational Resource and manual on DEOR that would allow fellow organizations also building capacity in the field of their external communication strategies and continuing exchange of best practices among peers.

The project will start in Spring 2018 so stay tuned for updates ...