Inspire and show more possible jobs! Ask the right questions and get scientifically tested individual advice on suitable professions! Elaborating on all possible ways leads to better answers. Provide the basic service to as many Nepalese as possible!

These are some of the messages our project Career Disha Nepal  carries. We understand this counselling supports on different steps that lay between the basic education and the successful start in a profession. It should consider the interest and the abilities of the students as well as the labor market and the environment in which this profession takes place. So it is a complex environment which we are trying to make more transparent and visualizing for our clients. 

We are distinguishing between different fields of career counselling and will provide different services in the various fields.

1. Interest based test

We have a short questionnaire which helps us to know the personal and professional interests of the students. This helps us and also gives to the students ideas what they would want and to them they assure of what in the area of Planning and conduction nature want. This also provides details regarding the working details or just keeping it short as an overview. 

These answers are matched with some hundred job profiles and the outcome leads to several jobs of different educational levels which fits to the student's profile.
The main aim of this service is to show any opportunities and to open the range of possible professions.
We are currently working on an online test which can be filled in by the students and returns a list of available jobs.

2. Show educational ways and job prospectives

After having decided for the right job the next question arises: What is the best suitable educational path? In personal talks the VHS staff will counsel the students and his/her parents about the possible ways to the desired dreamjob. The variety of educational ways is big, the transparency low and the costs are often high. The more important one is to had good advice in this direction.

This two points it will be part of the initial project starting in autum 2014

3. Ability and non-formal skill assessment

Another way to explore career counselling is the ability assessment of the candidates. Everyone has certain abilities,skills and gifts and quite some of them we get in non-formal ways like learning something from our parents (i.e. agriculture, handicrafts), friends (i.e. fotography), on the job (i.e. Office Programs, Time planning) or through methods of self-learning (i.e. online course on design). 

This skills can become equally or even more important than the formal education of a student. Finding a way how first show and secondly asses this abilities, can help a student not only in identifying the right career path but also in showing his/her abilities to future employees. 

Therefore we applied for a follow up project for Summer 2015 till End 2016 together with the Austrian Youth organization Akzente Salzburg and YouNet from Italy to work in an international context on this questions.

4. Empower Youth Workers as counselors

 A computerized assessment might for many students be only the starting point. More and more students might seek further counseling and a personal dialog. Therefore empowerment and training of Youth Workers from all part of Nepal to become a focal point for career guidance and assessment of non-formal education is the fourth step in our planning. 

Training and empowering those youth workers will also be part of the EU project planned for 2015 / 2016


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