1 societal topic, 1.5 hours, 2 fridays a month! We want to bring the minds of different experts together, create a new platform for ideas to flourish.

The Bhaktapur Friday talk is meant to be a place where engaged and experienced people meet frequently. Breaking the ice and introducing yourself to new ideas; these sessions will contain a short video, movie or a similar input which will illuminate the issue more. This should kick start a discussion about a specific issue and can then give us more space for an open discussion. Here we can exchange, learn, understand and grow better with new outcomes. Participants are encouraged to bring up issues for future assigned dates and prepare introductions for sessions.


Less like a lecture but more like a social discussion, this form has a lot of possibilities to actively participate. We warmly welcome the audience several problems presented and themselves on an impulse of social discussions prepared.

Topics and guests in the past