Besides formal education VHS is working also in the field of informal education and educational services. Helping informal education projects to get started, providing services to NGOs and schools or engaged citizens of Nepal who have the dream to change their environment.

We believe that we can reach our goals by working together. Even though every NGO has  its own goals and vision there are common challenges to face!

With its international, skilled and experienced team VHS inherits all aspects necessary for a successful partnership with your NGO.   

With our customized services we want to support your NGO in the following fields:

Services for your volunteers

VHS provides a seminar structure dedicated to all volunteers working in Nepal. We are providing orientation programs and welcome events, midterm and final sesssion camps for volunteers of your organization. With these camps we will make sure that your volunteers receive all inecessary information for a successful stay in Nepal. They will also be enabled to exchange with other volunteers and also talk and solve daily challenges. Additionally VHS offers professional Nepali classes and a wide range of other leisure activities.

Organizational development and entrepreneurial training

VHS offers customized consultancy, teaching and development programs for your NGO. Together we can discuss in which field your organization can be supported regarding your objectives. Therefore VHS will arrange a customized program for your management, employees, field workers and volunteers.

Providing space and infrastructure for your events

Located in Bhaktapur, VHS is at a vantage point to provide its facilities and know-how for conducting your events. Together we can figure out all requirements necessary for your success – just as rooms, facilities, catering and infrastructure as well as planning concerning the content of your event.