Nepalhilfe Project Team Members

1523185_765324036828364_1333503994_oSaroj Bastola

Founder of VHS Bhaktapur and educational entrepreneur since 2010. Hosting GIZ weltwärts volunteers under his leadership since 2011. Established new standards for hosting volunteers in Nepal and initiator of the counseling project Career Disha Nepal. Innovator in the field of counseling youth in Nepal, first one to officially establish a Social Business in the field of education in Nepal. Currently one of the project owners of Nepalhilfe der VHS Bhaktapur.


316bed7df404ed2af40195df43b715ff24d988daf5a91c88a283bcabda0ea59eInge Patsch

Originally from Austria, graduated with a Master’s degree in Cultural Production with a research focus on the power of social media to enhance cultural youth groups in rural areas in Austria. Has been part of the board of a cultural youth organization in Bramberg for many years. Also has experience as a distributor and consultant for a youth-related project in Akzente Salzburg (EU-Project). Has been living and working in Nepal since 2012, and responsible for introducing several innovative projects (Bhaktapur Friday Talk, soft skills training, participatory learning) as the Director of VHS Bhaktapur. Currently one of the project owners of Nepalhilfe der VHS Bhaktapur.

20140921050420-IMG_2537Hari Krishna Dahal

Young energetic professional with a background in Psychology, has four years of experience working in psychological counseling for drug-addicted and alcoholic youths and has worked as a counselor in several sessions on motivation classes for youth since 2010. Engaged in various social activities involving mobilizing youth, helping needy children with their education, promoting campaigns for collecting donations for the education of socially disadvantaged children, helping different orphan homes,  leading several campaigns to help victims of natural disasters in the community, and leading an NGO called Destination Access in Society Nepal (DAIS Nepal) for 3 years. Also working as the chairman, product development officer, and psychosocial counselor of Career Disha Nepal and other organizations, and a Nepali language teacher in VHS Bhaktapur. Currently acting as the social coordinator of Nepalhilfe der VHS Bhaktapur.

SONY DSCNabina Phaiju

25 years old, has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, and currently studying for her Master’s degree in Food and Nutrition. Currently working as an office manager for VHS Bhaktapur, and is in charge of finance for Nepalhilfe der VHS Bhaktapur.

SONY DSCSuresh Kasula

Has completed his Master in Business Studies degree in Finance. Currently working as a lecturer of Accounting in Basu College and as an administration officer of Career Disha Nepal, and is part of the financial team of Nepalhilfe der VHS Bhaktapur.

SONY DSCKim Lumibao

24 years old, originally from the Philippines. Has completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in History, with a minor degree in Philosophy. Has experience volunteering in different countries, including the Philippines, Ukraine, Indonesia, and recently in Nepal with VHS Bhaktapur. Currently working in the communication team of Nepalhilfe der VHS Bhaktapur.