Krishna Prasad Dahal


58 years old Krishna Prasad is a permanent resident of Jhaukhel-1, Bhaktapur. Farmer by profession, Mr. Dahal has two wives. Unfortunately, his first wife is speech-impaired. Krishna is not at all able to do physical work as he has already undergone two major operations. The1. big devastation has left him with the rubbles of his house and injured son and daughter. With the family of five members, he is having a tough time to even solve hand to mouth problem, let’s not talk about building the shelter. His son and daughter still need to go through medical treatments to get back to normal. The piece of land where his mud house stood up couple of months ago has now piles of mud and broken bricks.

Curren2.tly, he and his family are living in the field of neighbor with the temporary small hut.He is the single earner in the family. He earns Rs. 20000 per year through agriculture. He has 1.5 ropani of field and 0.5 ropani of backyard field. However, this is not even close to sufficient level to run his family. His sons and daughters are in the final years of schooling which means he has to manage the finance for their further studies.


Looking at his current situation, we saw that that he is in the most need of the shelter as he is economically not sound. Also he has his small plot of land where we will build the shelter.