Badri Phuyal

Badri – a story from Bhaktapur

badriBadri Phuyal, age 20, studies Bachelor in Arts, Major in Political Science and Journalism in Bhaktapur Multiple Campus, and works for VHS Bhaktapur. Since 4 years VHS is taking care of all his educational expenses. He lives in Sudal VDC-7, Bhaktapur District with four other family members. His grandmother, mother, brother and sister all lived together in a small house. His father passed away few years back when he was in the age of 13. Animal husbandry and agriculture is his family’s main source of income.

Because of the earthquake on 25th April 2015, his house was destroyed and his 70-year-old grandmother, one cow, and one buffalo were buried in the debris. The grandmother was rescued by the villagers after two hours and taken to the hospital but the cow and the buffalo were already dead. His grandmother died after two weeks.

His grandmother was previously taking care of all the family expenses by selling milk, and his mother is not presently capable of providing for the family. Because of his grandmother’s death all the responsibilities of the family have passed to Badri. At the age of 20 he has taken responsibility for the whole household including the education of his little sister (age 15), currently enrolled in local community school in grade 10, and little brother (age 10), enrolled in grade 3.

The family does not have any financial backup and no means to build a new house. Understanding the situation of the family within the local community we came to the conclusion that he is the neediest person in the whole village.

Fotomontage des Stahlskeletts anstelle eines eingestürzten Gebäudes

Fotomontage des Stahlskeletts anstelle eines eingestürzten Gebäudes

Sudal impressions – the way to live now

Destroyed by earthquake

looking at badris small shelter Inside the shelter