Chetan Nath Dulal

Farmer by profession, 63 years old Chetan Nath Dulal is a resident of Dulal Gaun, Sudal-5, Bhaktapur. He has 8 members in his family out of which his eldest son which his family [wife and a child] is not living together with Mr. Chetan’s family. This means currently, five members in his family live together. His 21 years old daughter Pramila has appeared SLC examination. He has twin sons. Unfortunately, the younger son, Laxman who is 14, is mentally and physically disabled.

Chetan himself is the casualty of the massive devastation. He has injury in his leg. Because of this he needs to take bed rest for few months. In the name of the property, he had the mud house which is now turned to rubbles. One cow and two calves are in the debris which was also generating him few pennies a day by selling the cow milk. Besides, he has 2 ropanis of field and 1.5 ropanis of backyard field. His main source of income is agriculture by which he earns around NPR 30000 a year.

After the devastation, he is living in the tent along with his family. As he has his own field, he has no legal issues attached in building the shelter for him. We selected this family because building a shelter for Chetan’s family would make a great different in his children and would allow them to get education if they have a place to stay.