Annapurna Phuyal

Annapurna Phuyal is a mid age [38 years] widowed woman. She is living with her 21 year old unemployed son at Sudhal-5, Bhaktapur. With the family of only two members, Mrs Annapurna has been living in a tent of her neighbors after the quake. Her mud house was all damaged and is not in the condition to live in after the devastation.

She has the field with the area of 3 ropanis. This works as the main source of income where she grows the seasonal crops and sells for her living. In addition, she has a buffalo which gives the milk out of which she makes some money by selling the milk every day. Besides, her son earns at times by doing the physical labor work whenever he gets one. However, her annual income lies below NPR 20000. By this level of income, she would not even be able to build the temporary shelter.

When the team went for site survey, her condition was too pitiful to see. We could not hold our tears hearing her story. Since she is economically weak and not in the condition to erect a new shelter, we made the decision to build the house for her.