How we select …

After the long discussion within the team Nepalhilfe der VHS Bhaktapur we came up with the site selection committee. As we would like to make it more fair and without bias we developed the steps to identify the sites we work for the construction of the house.

Basically there are number of houses and families who need help, still with minimum resources we are able to build only few. Wide spread destruction area and affected people we came up with the ideology to create a structure which other people can adopt it and make it or if we can come up with other resources we would be able to build more houses later on. To bring up the selection of the families we decided to segregate according to

– Geographical selection

-Description of the family/status (storyline of the family)


We are going first with the most affected and destructive area within the village area of Bhaktapur district (information could be figured out from the data collected from different means in the District headquarter) . Currently we planned to go to 2 different areas of Bhaktapur Sudal Village Development committee and Jhaukhel Village Development committee.

As the geographical area is narrowed down we can easily collect the storyline and present it to the site selection committee.

Only after the final analysis of the family status and storyline we go for the final confirmation with the survey and collect the final data which is again presented to the site collection committee and this committee is deciding the families we are going to build. Final selection factors would be as following:

-How much land (khet) do you have?

-How much land (bari) do you have?

-Family members (Total members, who used to live in this house)

Dependent family members (Have had their own job since minimum 1 year and a yearly income of at least )

-Disable or chronically sick family members ( Physically and mentally keeping them from productive work, medical report needs to be shown)

-Head of the house is woman

-Age of household head

-Total family income per year

-Nr. Of children below 16


Site Selection Committee

The committee is formed with the representative of the project team, representative of VHS Bhaktapur, Technical Head, Some social workers as well as the representative from our partner organizations who were involved in primary relief for earthquake victims.

1. Muna Sakha (Project manager)

2. Saroj Bastola/ Inge patsch ( Project owner)

3. Hari Krishna Dahal ( Survery Head )

4. Suresh Kasula ( Financial assistant/ Representative of Career Disha Nepal)

5. Nabina Phaiju ( Financial Manager)

6. Bikash Jadhari ( Technical team Head)

7. Bijay Goshan ( Nepal earthquake relief)

8. Zenith Dhaubadel ( JESIS)

9. Junesh Twayana ( Representative temporary home for homeless)