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“Joint venture between VHS Bhaktapur, Baubüro Weinz, Deutsch Nepalesische Kultur Verein, and the youth of Bhaktapur”

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great news: The first temporary shelters has been raised last week!

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Final model of houses as temporary shelter for now (25.06.2015)

The Government of Nepal has banned the new permanent construction of the houses because of the series of aftershocks we are getting almost every day. In this regard, as the monsoon is coming; the land has become fragile and very prone to landslides. Henceforth, there is the urgent need of building temporary shelters, and the team has decided to build the houses using steel rods as a frame and then the Zinc sheet.
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RP Online 12.06.2015Fund-raising campaign of SPD Kranenburg 13./14.06.2015
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Dumont 10.06.2015The project on the media! Lately in Dumont Reise-News & Reportagen on 10. Juni 2015!

10.06.2015 Dumont Reise-News & Reportagen (German)
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further articles: >>> Augsburger Zeitung, Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz, Tiroler Tageszeitung, …

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Badri – a story from Bhaktapur

Badri - Kantipur newspaperBadri Phuyal, age 20, studies Bachelor in Arts, Major in Political Science and Journalism in Bhaktapur Multiple Campus, and works for VHS Bhaktapur. Since 4 years VHS is taking care of all his educational expenses. He lives in Sudal VDC-7, Bhaktapur District with four other family members. His grandmother, mother, brother and sister all lived together in a small house. His father passed away few years back when he was in the age of 13. Animal husbandry and agriculture is his family’s main source of income. Because of his grandmother’s death all the responsibilities of the family have passed to Badri…

Our project, Nepalhilfe der VHS Bhaktapur (Nepalhelp by VHS Bhaktapur in English), was created to help in reconstructing the houses that were destroyed in the April 25, 2015 earthquake in Nepal. We aim to rebuild the houses of selected families from the village areas of Bhaktapur District, focusing on those who cannot easily afford to build a new house on their own. Our objective is to assist these families in returning to at least the same standard of living as they did before.

Destroyed house in Sudal, Bhaktapur

Destroyed house in Sudal, Bhaktapur

As a community learning center VHS Bhaktapur is committed to empowering the youth of Bhaktapur, and this project is a joint initiative between VHS Bhaktapur and the youth of Nepal. Our project partners include the German architectural firm Baubüro Weinz and the Deutsch Nepalesische Kultur Verein (German Nepalese Cultural Association), an organization founded by former volunteers and friends of VHS Bhaktapur.

Project phases

Erste Skizze des HausesUnder the leadership of the architect Siegmar and with the help of a very committed international team it was possible to develop a modular, very flexible, earthquake-resistant type of building which is suitable for rural and mountainous areas in Nepal. Last details are dealt with at the moment. The building can be constructed within a week, using local available materials. The roof which protects from the monsoon rains will be the first part to be built whereas the rest of the building can be completed afterwards.

The construction project is divided into 4 steps:

Phase 1A: Planning an earthquake-proof residential house – (May 2015)
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>>> drafts and plans

Phase Ib: Select families – (May 2015)
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Phase II: Prepare the site for construction (mid-May to mid-June)
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Phase III: Building the skeleton construction(mid-June to end of June)

Phase IV: building phase during rainy season(July to September 2015)

Besides the building projects we are providing families in need with support(April 2015-January 2016)