Badri’s House is in Process to Be Hospitable Again

Badri’s House

Badri’s House

Compared to 4 other houses, building Badri Phuyal’s house took longer than anticipated. Because of various reasons, lack of manpower, due to monsoon season, and others, Phuyal family and we had to be patient for a while. Presently, we are glad to say that Phuyal family’s new house only needs few finishing touches to be hospitable again.

We have thus given him NPR 97000/- to complete the finishing touch as per their taste. Badri, his mother, and his younger sister will move to the new house from a temporary tent once the house is completed.

Lt. Indra’s House

Indra’s House

One of the earthquake victims Lt. Indra Bahadur Khatri lived with his wife, Bishnu Maya Khatri, 55 years old and 3 grandchildren in a small tent in Jhaukhel. He was bedridden for few months, and due to his pre-existing health issues, passed away leaving his family in the same partially destroyed house.

We wanted to build a permanent house for his family in the same place. Unfortunately, it was later made known to us that the land where the house was built did not belong to the family. So, due to these complications, Nepal-Hilfe was not able to build a new house.

However, we want to keep Indra’s family in a safer place. As per the discussion of our team in Nepal, repairing his house was the best alternative. We have thus made decision to give the Khatri family NPR 97000/- (EU 800) to repair the existing house and make it safer and habitable; homely again.

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