Nepalhilfe provides home to the homeless (Earthquake Victims)

Badri’s House

On 25th April 2015, a devastating earthquake and several aftershocks hit Nepal and destroyed lives and property. More than 8 thousand people lost their lives and even more people became homeless. A week after the earthquake Career Disha Nepal and VHS Bhaktapur team members decided to help the victims and formed a committee, Nepalhilfe. Nepalhilfe made criteria to identify the neediest of people according to their socio-economic background, demographic and health status. All the families were built quick temporary shelters while the five families received permanent houses.

Out of those, three Families, Krishna Prasad Dahal, Kanchi Dahal and Salik Ram Dahal have already shifted to their permanent houses and are continuing their lives normally. All the financial and labour responsibilities to build these three houses were taken by Nepalhilfe.

Similarly, two permanent houses for Ram Saran Bastola and Badri Phuyal are in the construction process. They have received the financial support necessary to build the houses. Due to the monsoon season and lack of manpower, the construction took longer than anticipated. At present, their houses are almost ready to live. The natural disaster victims, 21 years old beneficiary Mr. Phuyal and 43 years old Mr. Bastola are both excited to move from their temporary shelter to new permanent houses and start their new lives.

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