Nepal-Hilfe Relaying to Supports Quake Victims

Nepal-Hilfe has been continuously supporting to build the number of new houses for earthquake victims of rural Bhaktapur, especially focusing on vulnerable people of the communities to uplift their lives. Victims are chosen by their current socio-economic background, health status and housing structure’s perspectives.

Three houses are officially completed and were handed over to the household owners, Mr. Krishna Pd Dahal, Mrs. Kanchi Dahal, and Salik Ram Dahal. Finally, those families were shifted to their new houses and are continuing their life in normality.

At present, two houses are in process to build. These two relief receivers are Ram Saran Bastol, Kharipati and Badri Phuyal, Sudal.

42 years older, Ram Sharan Bastola lives in Kharipati, Bhaktapur. Mr. Bastola was one of the victims; his house was totally leveled by the first devastating earthquake on the 25th of April 2015. His house was even more unsafe due to several aftershocks. These days Mr. Bastola and his family members are staying at the temporary cottage nearby.   Mr.Bastola is working as security guard at the construction site. The household head Mr. Bastola looks after 4 family members a wife, 2 children, and a 72 years old father who suffers from chronic asthma.

After bearing the insecure life in the monsoon season, the wind and heavy rainfall, Nepal-Hilfe is lifting their terror dreaded life to normal. Nepal-Hilfe has given two hundred thousand rupees (roughly EURO 1700) and has planned to give four hundred thousand rupees (roughly EURO 3500) more to support him economically to build a house.  Currently, his house is under construction and is almost half completed.

Ram Saran Bastol’s House

Similarly, another beneficiary is Badri Phuyal, a 20 years old, living in Sudal Bhakapur. Mr. Phuyal is a household head; three other family members are dependent on him. Mr. Phuyal lost his father when he was 13 years old. Due to the devastating earthquake, he not only lost his home but also his grandmother. Who was household head and looked after all the family member by doing animal husbandry and bore all the expenses of the family. But due to the unfortunate event, Mr. Phuyal has taken all the responsibilities of left family.

While no one is there to assist Mr. Phuyal economically, he was almost helpless. He does not have financial backup to build the new house (his house too was leveled to the ground) and thus keeps his family in a temporary tent provided by Nepalhilfe. Due to this dismal condition, Nepal-Hilfe is planning to support him financially by supporting him with nine hundred thousand rupees (roughly EURO 7800) for the initial construction and the other required expense will be covered by Mr. Phuyal himself. The construction of the new earthquake-proof house has started. At present, the foundation of the house is being constructed.

Badri Phuyal’s House

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