Badri’s House is in Process to Be Hospitable Again

Badri’s House

Badri’s House

Compared to 4 other houses, building Badri Phuyal’s house took longer than anticipated. Because of various reasons, lack of manpower, due to monsoon season, and others, Phuyal family and we had to be patient for a while. Presently, we are glad to say that Phuyal family’s new house only needs few finishing touches to be hospitable again.

We have thus given him NPR 97000/- to complete the finishing touch as per their taste. Badri, his mother, and his younger sister will move to the new house from a temporary tent once the house is completed.

Lt. Indra’s House

Indra’s House

One of the earthquake victims Lt. Indra Bahadur Khatri lived with his wife, Bishnu Maya Khatri, 55 years old and 3 grandchildren in a small tent in Jhaukhel. He was bedridden for few months, and due to his pre-existing health issues, passed away leaving his family in the same partially destroyed house.

We wanted to build a permanent house for his family in the same place. Unfortunately, it was later made known to us that the land where the house was built did not belong to the family. So, due to these complications, Nepal-Hilfe was not able to build a new house.

However, we want to keep Indra’s family in a safer place. As per the discussion of our team in Nepal, repairing his house was the best alternative. We have thus made decision to give the Khatri family NPR 97000/- (EU 800) to repair the existing house and make it safer and habitable; homely again.

Nepalhilfe provides home to the homeless (Earthquake Victims)

Badri’s House

On 25th April 2015, a devastating earthquake and several aftershocks hit Nepal and destroyed lives and property. More than 8 thousand people lost their lives and even more people became homeless. A week after the earthquake Career Disha Nepal and VHS Bhaktapur team members decided to help the victims and formed a committee, Nepalhilfe. Nepalhilfe made criteria to identify the neediest of people according to their socio-economic background, demographic and health status. All the families were built quick temporary shelters while the five families received permanent houses.

Out of those, three Families, Krishna Prasad Dahal, Kanchi Dahal and Salik Ram Dahal have already shifted to their permanent houses and are continuing their lives normally. All the financial and labour responsibilities to build these three houses were taken by Nepalhilfe.

Similarly, two permanent houses for Ram Saran Bastola and Badri Phuyal are in the construction process. They have received the financial support necessary to build the houses. Due to the monsoon season and lack of manpower, the construction took longer than anticipated. At present, their houses are almost ready to live. The natural disaster victims, 21 years old beneficiary Mr. Phuyal and 43 years old Mr. Bastola are both excited to move from their temporary shelter to new permanent houses and start their new lives.

Nepal-Hilfe Relaying to Supports Quake Victims

Nepal-Hilfe has been continuously supporting to build the number of new houses for earthquake victims of rural Bhaktapur, especially focusing on vulnerable people of the communities to uplift their lives. Victims are chosen by their current socio-economic background, health status and housing structure’s perspectives.

Three houses are officially completed and were handed over to the household owners, Mr. Krishna Pd Dahal, Mrs. Kanchi Dahal, and Salik Ram Dahal. Finally, those families were shifted to their new houses and are continuing their life in normality.

At present, two houses are in process to build. These two relief receivers are Ram Saran Bastol, Kharipati and Badri Phuyal, Sudal.

42 years older, Ram Sharan Bastola lives in Kharipati, Bhaktapur. Mr. Bastola was one of the victims; his house was totally leveled by the first devastating earthquake on the 25th of April 2015. His house was even more unsafe due to several aftershocks. These days Mr. Bastola and his family members are staying at the temporary cottage nearby.   Mr.Bastola is working as security guard at the construction site. The household head Mr. Bastola looks after 4 family members a wife, 2 children, and a 72 years old father who suffers from chronic asthma.

After bearing the insecure life in the monsoon season, the wind and heavy rainfall, Nepal-Hilfe is lifting their terror dreaded life to normal. Nepal-Hilfe has given two hundred thousand rupees (roughly EURO 1700) and has planned to give four hundred thousand rupees (roughly EURO 3500) more to support him economically to build a house.  Currently, his house is under construction and is almost half completed.

Ram Saran Bastol’s House

Similarly, another beneficiary is Badri Phuyal, a 20 years old, living in Sudal Bhakapur. Mr. Phuyal is a household head; three other family members are dependent on him. Mr. Phuyal lost his father when he was 13 years old. Due to the devastating earthquake, he not only lost his home but also his grandmother. Who was household head and looked after all the family member by doing animal husbandry and bore all the expenses of the family. But due to the unfortunate event, Mr. Phuyal has taken all the responsibilities of left family.

While no one is there to assist Mr. Phuyal economically, he was almost helpless. He does not have financial backup to build the new house (his house too was leveled to the ground) and thus keeps his family in a temporary tent provided by Nepalhilfe. Due to this dismal condition, Nepal-Hilfe is planning to support him financially by supporting him with nine hundred thousand rupees (roughly EURO 7800) for the initial construction and the other required expense will be covered by Mr. Phuyal himself. The construction of the new earthquake-proof house has started. At present, the foundation of the house is being constructed.

Badri Phuyal’s House

Kanchi Dahal’s House is Ready

Das von Nepal-Hilfe finanzierte Haus von Frau KanchiDahal ist nun fertig. Die 73-Jährige gehört zu denEinwohnern von Jhaukhel-1, deren Häuser bei den Erdbeben von April und Mai 2015 zerstört wurden. Frau Kanchissechsköpfige Familie ist bereits in ihr neues einstöckiges Haus eingezogen.

Um die Familie des Erdbebenopfers KanchiDahal kümmert sich die Schwiegertochter, die Tierhaltung betreibt. Frau Kanchis Sohn ist aufgrund eines Verkehrsunfalls körperlich beeinträchtigt und kann seine Familie nicht unterstützen. Die Familie ist finanziell von der Schwiegertochter abhängig. Nachdem sie ihr Haus verloren hatten, lebten sie in einem öffentlichen Zelt, doch jetzt haben sie ihr eigenes, schönes Zuhause.

Frau KanchiDahals Haus ist Teil des Nepal-Hilfe-Programms für Menschen in Not. Zu den weiteren Begünstigten zählen Herr Salik Ram Dahal, Herr Krishna Dahal und andere.

Nepal Hilfe Officially Handover the Houses to Earthquake Victims

Bettina with Kanchi Dahal and her son

On December 13th, 2016, representative of Nepal Hilfe Miss. Betina Gemperli handed over three houses to earthquake victims of Jhaukhel. This is one of the devastated areas of Bhaktapur due to the earthquake of 25th April 2015, followed by several aftershocks. Nepal-Hilfe had funded to build 3 houses with three rooms and  bathroom in Jhaukhel for victims’ relief. The beneficiaries were Mr. Krishna Pd. Dahal, Mrs. Kanchi Dahal, and Salik Ram Dahal.

Farmer occupational Mr. Krishna Pd. Dahal, one of the beneficiaries of earthquake relief, is a permanent resident of jhaukkhel-1, Bhaktapur. He has two wives and 2 children.  His house was totally damaged and children were injured at the devastating 1st day earthquake.  After the quake, he and his family used to stay at neighbor’s house, later they moved to temporary shelter constructed by Nepal-Hilfe.

Mrs. Kanchi Dahal house owner, 72 years old, living with 6 family members including her 41 years old physically weak son at Jhaukhel -1, Bhaktapur. Her daughter in law looks after her family by doing animal husbandry. Her mud house was collapsed due to the massive earthquake.

Mr.Salik Ram Dahal, 54 years old, beneficiary of the earthquake victims are living with 6 family members including his physically impaired father at Jhaukhel-1, Bhaktapur. His mud house was also damaged by the earthquake.

Nepalhilfe representative Miss.Betina went for site inspection and handed over houses to the beneficiaries.  All of them expressed their appreciation by welcoming Miss. Betina and thanking Nepal Hilfe team. After accomplished furnishing stuff, beneficiaries will move to the new houses.

There were supporters and contribution from Nepalhilfe der VHS Bhaktapur, Management Training Environment and Engineering Consultancy (MTEEC) and beneficiaries to make this house project successful. Nepalhilfe der VHS Bhaktapur play the role identifies, provide necessary information of the beneficiary, site inspection per need. MTEEC provided the houses design and cost estimation as well as technical support for shelter. Beneficiaries provide water and electricity and storage places to keep necessary material as per need.

There are two other beneficiaries in housing plan, Mr. Badri Phuyal and Mr. Ram Sharan Bastola . 20 years old Mr. Phuyal has 3 family members with main household income sources as agriculture. His father passed away when he was 13 and grandmother died in the earthquake. So, his mother’s and his sibling’s responsibilities are upon him. After his house collapsed due to earthquake, he became totally helpless. His education expenditure is bore by VHS Bhaktapur. Similarly, Mr. Ram Sharan Bastola, an asthma patient living in the same village at Bhaktapur, also a  another one of the earthquake victim. Mr. Bstola has 4 family members. His house was completely destroyed due to earthquake. In the present, they both are collecting all basic required documents to start house.

Bettina with Salik Ram Dahal’s father and wife

Mr.Krisna PD Dahal and his New House

Bettina with Mr.Krishna Pd Dahal and his wife and son


Toilet Construction Project at Sindhuli was Completed

On the 28th of August 2016, the building construction (washrooms with tin roof) project at Shree Kapileshowr Lower Secondary School, Jhagajholi, Ratmata-9, Dhungechour, Sindhuli was accomplished. Nepal-Hilfe had funded to built 2 washrooms with tin roof on the 11th of May, 2016. Sindhuli was one of most devastated areas dIMG_1973 (3) ue to the earthquake of 25th April 2015, followed by several aftershocks.

School family including teachers, students and parents expressed their gratitude to Nepal-Hilfe for their kind support. Nepal-Hilfe had donated NPR 60,000/- to completed indeed necessity (toilet) of school to accommodate its 150 students. From now, the students do not need to wonder for sanitation as they did in previous days.IMG_1968 (2)IMG_1048IMG_3855