Kamal Subedi

“My name is Kamal, but everyone calls me Komal. I have been working as a German teacher at VHS Bhaktapur since 2014, and since 2015 I additionally started working as ÖSD-examiner. My first student of the German language was my mother. I myself studied German at the Goethe-Zentrum in Kathmandu, but I believe that we never stop learning and I keep studying to improve my language skills even further.”


Kranti  Poudyal

“In order to extend help from my side in the rapid progress of flourishing German language in the country, I started teaching German to the Nepalese students willing to acquire the German University degree in the field of medicine, engineering, social science, management and so on, so that they can enhance their opportunities. Besides that, I can share my hard earned language knowledge and skills to fellow students learning till B1 level, who sometimes go through different stages of dilemma, agony, and anxiety while graduating, which I found as a professional counseling psychologist. Many of life’s failures happen to people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up. Hence I want to help them make their dreams come true!”


Saurav Koirala

“I’ve been a member of this VHS family since January of 2018. I have taught levels from A1 – B2 at VHS Kathmandu and currently I’m teaching B2 course. Why VHS ? Teaching is a profession that demands constant training. You always have to be up to date on the latest and newest information, which I find very appealing. I gained a lot of experience during my stay in Germany and I think those experiences could be very helpful to the students. Furthermore, this language has attracted me so much that no matter where I go, the language will always stay in my heart. I like my work, my co-workers and the working atmosphere. Therefore: VHS”


Suresh Kafle

“I am working at VHS as a German language teacher
since July 2018 . I have been teaching A1 and A2 since 2 years. I like my work because I can share my knowledge and at the same time I can learn something new.”


Sanjay Gurung

“I am Sanjay Gurung and I work at the VHS since 2015. I am very happy about teaching German because I can gain many experiences and learn something new
everyday . I am teaching from levels A1 to B1 and I am proud to be a memeber of the VHS family.”



Sufal Chaudhary

“Since December 2018 I have been working at VHS and teach A1. I am also working as a travel expert for Nepal and am very interested in foreign languages. Everyday I improve my German a little bit. I really enjoy the feeling of being of assistance to other people, be able to speak this beautiful language and learn something new everyday.”


Simal Dhimal

” I am Simal and I work as a German language teacher at the VHS Bhaktapur since the beginning of February 2019. I love to be part of this program because it is a place where I can share my experiences that I made in Germany and Austria. The VHS is a big family that is growing more and more. The VHS isn´t only a language school but rather a meeting point for German and Nepali culture. I will welcome everyone who is interested in people and culture. Let us meet and spend a great time together. ”