Saroj Bastola

“I am Saroj Bastola, Founder and CEO of VHS Bhaktapur. Since the establishment in 2011, VHS has achieved several milestones and is successfully creating a hub for youths in non-formal and informal learning. Started as a German Language School, VHS Bhaktapur is able to create its identity in several training programs, cultural events and seminars, talk programs and social projects.
I am thankful to our partner organizations, volunteers, interns, our teachers, students and all our well-wishers for your kind support.”


Ingeborg Patsch

“Since January 2013 I’m the director of VHS Bhaktapur. I had the immense pleasure of working together with an innovative and creative young team to enhance the quality of German language in the institute over the years as well as to accompany various creative educational projects in VHS. Since September 2017 I’m on maternity leave back in Austria and do miss the warm and family like atmosphere of VHS a lot. Yet I’m very happy to see that the team has become so mature to continue the good quality even without me.”


Kirsten Evers

“My name is Kirsten and I’ve worked at the VHS as Head of German Language Examination and Volunteer Coordinator since September 2018. So when there are no exams to prepare, I can be found working with our fantastic volunteers and interns as well as trying to assist our team of great teachers as best as I can. What I like most about working at VHS? First of all, I really enjoy working together with such nice colleagues – most days, the VHS team feels more like a big family rather than a workplace. But what really motivates me on a day-to-day basis is the fact that the work is so unbelievably diverse and that it never gets boring!”


Nabina Phaiju

“I am Nabina Phaiju, COO of VHS Bhaktapur and responsible for the whole operation, procedure and action. I am the main person to get contacted for volunteering, meetings, event management and other inquiries. I have been involved with VHS Bhaktapur since 2014 and have been working as COO since 2018. I have participated in different programs organised by Erasmus+ in Europe. Taking action for society is my passion . Travelling alone to the remote districts of western Nepal for health related campaigns has shown my bravery and risk taking ability too.”


Kabita Sapkota

“I am Kabita Sapkota, project Coordinator of VHS Bhaktapur. I’m responsible to monitor project progress and handle any issues that arise and work with project manager to eliminate blockers. I started working at VHS since 2016 and have been working as Project Coordinator since 2019. VHS Bhaktapur, it is one of the best places to learn new things. All the colleagues and the working environment are the best thing. It feels so nice to be a part of this organisation.”


Badri Phuyal  

“I am Badri Phuyal, Assistant Manager of VHS Bhaktapur Community Learning Center. I have been working at the VHS Bhaktapur since 2013.”


Smiriti Phuyal

“I have been working at VHS Bhaktapur since 2019 as a receptionist. VHS Bhaktapur gives me an opportunity to learn many new things. So, it became a part of my life.”


Maya Singkhawal

“Hello! My name is Maya Singkhawal. I have worked at the VHS Bhaktapur since 2013 and prepare breakfast and diversified Lunch. Also I am responsible for the „Chia“ and always have a smile on my face.”


Rakshya Singkhawal

“Since April 2018 I have been working in this organisation. I work at the front desk. All the members of VHS are friendly and cooperative. As an employee of VHS I have an opportunity to learn the German language which helps to broaden my knowledge”


Sajana Manandhar

“Since April 2018 I have been working as a front desk staff here at VHS. The most wonderful aspect I have found here is the working environment. All colleagues, teachers and volunteers are very friendly and co-operative. I love working here at VHS.”


Hari  Krishna Dahal

“I am one of the founding members of Career Disha Nepal. CDN was established in 2013. Since then I have been actively involved as a Career Coach/Trainer. My tasks are holding workshops, preparing counseling sessions (group/individual), providing teacher trainings, data collection and analysis of the job market. Also I teach the Nepali language classes and coordinate with different partner organizations.”


Tshering Lama Sherpa

“Just as its slogan – “Community Learning Center” – the institution VHS has pushed the boundaries of benefiting the youths as well as the people and countless international volunteers as well, and I feel proud of being a part of this institution. My name is Tshering Lama Sherpa, designated as an ÖSD examiner. I have been part of the community learning center since its establishment. I have myself gained so much working experience in this profound environment with our national and international colleagues and through many other social activities. You are in a right place if you seek personal and professional development. “