You want to learn how to plan your projects in a more structured way? You always wondered how project management and line business can go along? You want to have a decisive advantage when it comes to applying for a job? You need to present your project to international donors or partners? Then project management is the right thing for you ...

What is project Management

Project Management is a powerful tool for professionals from many areas. It shows you easier ways in planning complex tasks or events and is a perfect way to document tasks, responsibilities and budgets. The tool can be used for many occasions: planning of a donor-event, building of a new School, setting up a new business or implementing a new software. Project management is thereby a set of tools, which can be used in different fields and projects of different sizes. For more information see also the video further below.

About the Workshop

The workshop will contain a lot of hands on work. The aim of the workshop is that you have in the end a project plan for your own idea in your hand. Therefore we will start the workshop by identifying ideas and current projects from the participants. These projects will accompany us throughout the rest of the workshop and will be turned into projects plans by the end of the workshop.

Trainer & Methodology

There are various approaches to project management tools out there. One of the biggest international associations regarding projects management is IPMA (International Project Management Association). IPMA helps setting standards, gives certifications and creates a network of project managers all around the world. Elenor Grafenthien is working as a consultant in Germany. With her double study in art history and economy she has a variable Background. In 2013 she attended an additional seminar as NLP practitioner and a coaches training. She works at VHS Bhaktapur for 2 months from June - August and shares her knowledge in various kinds of workshops and trainings.

Participants & Requirements

Everybody who has a more or less specific idea of what project he or she wants to realize or is interested in helping somebody or a company realizing a project. Also young professionals and engaged students, who are about to start their own projects, are invited. Bringing work experience in the respective field of work is recommended but not necessary for the successful participation in the workshop.




What is Project Management

Check out this short video, to learn what project management is

what is a project manager doing?

And this one to learn what is the role of a project manager


The course fee is Rs. 10,000/-- including hand out and snacks. 

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NEW PROJECT MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP is on the way Begining of 2018.

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