Want to be German Language Certified? ÖSD is the right choice for you. One of the leading Examination center in Nepal VHS Bhaktapur provides certification examination in Nepal for German Language.

The ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch) is a state-approved examination and assessment system for German as a Foreign Language / German as a Second Language.  1998, the ÖSD was awarded the “European Seal for innovative language initiatives” from the European Commission. Currently, more than 20,000 ÖSD exams take place worldwide per year at more than 300 licensed ÖSD examination centres.

How can you benefit from the ÖSD?

You need to present such a certificate (level B2 or C1) if you want to study at an Austrian, German or Swiss university. Furthermore, this language certificate is an asset for your CV, and preparing for it is an incentive to improve your German. Good German skills will make it much easier for you to find an internship or a job in a German-speaking country.

In particular the Zertifikat Deutsch (B1 level) was born as a partnership between   ÖSD, the Goethe-Institut, the Weiterbildungs- und Testsysteme GmbH at the Frankfurt, and the Friburg (Swizzerland) University.


Why did we bring ÖSD in Nepal?

Looking at the high interest of Nepalese students and others, who had any other secondary reason to go in German speaking countries including au pair, VHS Bhaktapur thought of providing an alternative for the official German language certificate and as a result, since 2015 VHS Bhaktapur became the official license holder as the ÖSD Zentrum (official German language examination centre out of over 390 exam centers in the world).   

Level Internal Fees External Fees
A1 € 30.00 € 60.00
A2 € 35.00 € 70.00
B1 € 40.00 € 80.00
B2 € 45.00 € 90.00

We have changed some basic requirements of ÖSD examinations. From November onwards OSD Exam fees are payable in nepali Rupees. The fees are fixed in Euros: therefore the equivalent in Nepali currency may vary according to the exchange rate. The complete fee has to be paid upon registration. please note, that the fee will not be refunded after you register your name for the examination.

1 Bank transfer

We would like to ask you all to use following bank account for ÖSD exam registration clearly stating the full name and phone number of the student in the bank voucher.

Bank: NCC Bank

Branch: Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur

Account Name: VHS Bhaktapur Community learning Center

Account Number: 108 000 000 5901

2. Required documents

While registering for ÖSD examination we do require 3 copies of PP picture and 2 copies of  identity card (passport or citizenship id or birth certificate for minors) in english. If it is in Nepali a translated and attested copy together with the original . Every examinee is required to present their identity before they enter the examination hall so we would request all students to carry their original identity card to attain the examination. 

3. Preparation

We have been analysing the result of last several examinations. Result have shown poor result from most of the students out of the valley. We do ask all institution to provide enough hours of classes rather than pushing students to enrol in the examinations. During the examination most of the students have failed to determine the examination pattern. We would like to request you all if possible arrange the timing for preparation classes in VHS Bhaktapur which we hold before every examination if not be familiar with the pattern. You can easily download few modules from www.osd.at


UP Coming Examinations:

November 15- ZA1

November 16 & 17- ZA2


*** VHS Bhaktapur is preparing examination dates for December 2018. We would soon announce the dates for examinations ZA1, ZA2 & ZB1. Next examination would start from soon. Please follow www.facebook.com/VHSBhaktapur for registration dates for  examination. ****


Good to hear the young team of VHS is heading for such a wonderful program aimed for students as well as other professionals thinking to peruse higher education in Germany: As a matter of fact the first and foremost thing in Germany is the language, quite difficult I should say but not impossible.by learning language in vhs I feel myself luckier because I could interact properly and has helped lot in hören,lesen...

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VHS was the best place for me to learn the german language. I am so proud that of the precious time spend on this institute because I really felt excited, encouraging environment with friendly teachers. I really got impressed due to the friendly nature of my teachers as he/she always understand the feelings of every student and check the homework without any kind of hesitation and help according to the nature of...

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