Tired of searching places to get your documents translated? Visit VHS Kathmandu or VHS Bhaktapur: With our experts in German Language, we help you in translating the documents from English/Nepali to German and vice- versa.

VHS has started the sercive of translating documents for all the clients who need their documents to be translated into German if their documents is in English/ Nepali or into English/ Nepali if their documents are in German. We have seen a lot of people wandering about the translation. Therefore, to make the ease  VHS has been a trust worthy institution in this regard as it does the quality translation as needed by the clients.

Also, we provide this service in one single working day for the standard documents and for the non-standard ones, there is need of minimum two working days.

VHS  assures good quality of the translated content. We translate marriage certificates,relationship certificates, police reports, birth certificates which are termed as Standard documents and others certificates and many other personal documents as non-standard documents.

We offer extremely reliable translation at a very affordable rate of Rs. 1000 per page. You can enjoy this services at both of our offices. 


VHS was the best place for me to learn the german language. I am so proud that of the precious time spend on this institute because I really felt excited, encouraging environment with friendly teachers. I really got impressed due to the friendly nature of my teachers as he/she always understand the feelings of every student and check the homework without any kind of hesitation and help according to the nature of...

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During the introcution seminar we got informations to history and politics of the country. The situaiton of the people living in Nepal as well as festivals and habit were is explained in detail and we got tips for our behaviour in daily life (shopping, dress, food, hygenic issues, what to do if sick etc.). The speeches with short movies and powerpoint were very informative. practical demonstration were presented in a humorous way and left space open for surprises.

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