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VHS Bhaktapur is renounced in its best output on German Lanugage classes. High Proficiency in teaching and practical course structure with better learning environment we have gainned popularity in Nepali market. Since its establishment German Lanuguage as our core product VHS is enhancing quality and innovative class structure. Following the "Common European Framework" VHS is providing A1,A2,B1,B1+,B2, Alpha Course and children - classroom in Bhaktapur as well as in Kathmandu.


Looking at the high interest of Nepalese students and others, who had any other secondary reason to go in German speaking countries including au pair, VHS Bhaktapur thought of providing an alternative for the official German language certificate and as a result, since 2015 VHS Bhaktapur became the official license holder as the ÖSD Zentrum (official German language examination centre out of over 390 exam centers in the world). VHS Bhaktapur is providing a official ÖSD CERTIFIED Language tests in Nepal.


Nepali Language classes: VHS serves Nepali classes to non Nepali individuals. Basically  the courses are designed for them to make their stay over here easy and comfortable or to improve their Nepali for their profession or for research or simply for their travel. 


This seminar is for non Nepali customers which aims to introduce Nepali culture with an intention to settle their several cultural, social, daily lifestyle, political, religious, historical queries regarding Nepal and Nepalese. The seminar also entertains the participants with the 3 hours of city tour, through which they could have an immediate queries from tour and other daily activities. Participants are introduced to nepali food in this seminar which ends with a dal bhat cooking class. The seminar tends to settle or minimize the cultural shock of the tourists and also to assist them to understand Nepali culture better and reliable. The 2 days seminar costs  Rs 2000 per participant.

ERASMUS + Projects

VHS Bhaktapur believes on informal and non-formal learning. The idea of experiencing new culture and new atmosphere is rare in Nepal. To open a ideological platform VHS is trying to get the possibility for Nepali youths a opportunity enrolling them in possible Erasmus+ projects. In 2015 VHS was able to participate in Erasmus+ project E3: Entrepreneurship Education for youth Employment. (https://e3erasmus.comCreating an opportunity for youth worker to experience a working environment in Europe for a month at the same time possibility for him to learn and practice situation of Nepal. VHS is trying to come up with more and more projects in Future.


VHS Bhaktapur from its starting Phase believes on better increment on proficiency of its mentors and instructors. We try to bring up well-experienced mentors, trainers nationally and internationally to hold trainings and workshops for the teachers. Being a community-learning center we provide enough opportunity for the schools, freelance teachers as well as students to attain freely in these trainings.


Series of theatrical workshops using experimental and abstract exercises, improvisational techniques and storytelling will be organized. During these workshops through movement and spoken/ written word the participants will be able to express their thoughts and emotions about their surroundings, their community, issues that are present in their daily life- whether personal, social or political. Upon the completion of the workshops, as a conclusion of the project, the participants will perform a short theatre piece that will be written and produced by the participants themselves.


VHS Bhaktapur as a community learning centre has always been a platform of exchanging informal and non formal education. It also works as a promoter of youth employability and empowering locals. Thus by 2015, VHS recruited talented local youths, provided them the space to enhance their talents and by the course of time the group proudly presented VHS dance class. 

German as Foreign Language (DaF) training 

VHS Bhaktapur invites professional German Language Teachers who are highly motivated to enhance their teaching skills for DaF Workshop. This Workshop is highly recommended for  becoming an official licensed examiner of Germam Language Proficiency for example at OSD. 

VHS Bhaktapur is a community learning center with the motivation to serve the community by informal and nonformal education. So far, VHS Bhaktapur has already established itself as the quality German language center. By the end of 2014, VHS Bhaktapur has proudly introduced new German language certification, ÖSD certification, in Nepal. Since then VHS Bhaktapur has also served as the only official ÖSD examination center in the country. Additionally, VHS from time to time also launches teachers trainings, German teachers workshops (Daf Workshop) and didactic trainings each year, especially focusing to Nepalese teachers.


This is a talk show program that act as a common space for the audience and speaker to share their ideas, experiences and a specific topic. They discussed on current issues, social issues and other different topics two create awareness in the community. This also creates a nice platform for youths, young entrepreneurs and others to broaden their network. Recently, local youths involvement on it, has provided them an opportunity to enhance their social involvement. 


This course has been designed for the candidates who are really weak in any 2nd language rather than Native and National Language. Looking at the need for German Language in the group of people who have never been to school before (Illiterate), we designed this course. This course will have 3 parts of 100 units each. Students have to pay NRS 9800/- for each part. After the completion of this course, students will have by default completed A1 in German Language.


An interactive course designed for Children having bilingual and bicultural family background basically provides general knowledge on cultural aspects. A basic phenomenon on Montessori teaching methodology is integrated. Course is held in a model do and learns tries to emphasis learning by doing. Painting, drawing, dancing, group work, playing games etc is integrated in the course. Kinderklasse is held twice a week 2 hours a day and targeted area is the expat community with family in Nepal. The course is designed as hourly basis: per hour 500/per student.


As VHS Bhaktapur is an official examination center and well renounced among German speaking community. As a request from several individual we started to come up with translation of English to German and German to English project. Although Nepal government does not yet recognize us German Embassy and Austrian consulate in Nepal as well as universities and diplomatic missions recognize our translation. We are still in the preparation phase of getting a license from Government of Nepal.

Soft-skills Training

“Soft skill training” is an intensive training program on soft skills organized by VHS Bhaktapur. As the term soft skills refer to a certain skill set that difficult to develop in short time, this training program will provide fundamental training on selective topics that are considered to be useful for the youth either in academic learning or working environment.  The program will be designed in an interactive method that participants will be provided with tools and instruction and proceed with sufficient amount of practice on each skill. The training is expected to be a platform of tools and techniques that participants can apply further after the training for long-term personal development.

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During the introcution seminar we got informations to history and politics of the country. The situaiton of the people living in Nepal as well as festivals and habit were is explained in detail and we got tips for our behaviour in daily life (shopping, dress, food, hygenic issues, what to do if sick etc.). The speeches with short movies and powerpoint were very informative. practical demonstration were presented in a humorous way and left space open for surprises.

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Good to hear the young team of VHS is heading for such a wonderful program aimed for students as well as other professionals thinking to peruse higher education in Germany: As a matter of fact the first and foremost thing in Germany is the language, quite difficult I should say but not impossible.by learning language in vhs I feel myself luckier because I could interact properly and has helped lot in hören,lesen...

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