We are a community learning center with the aim to provide practical oriented education and educational services in Nepal. Each of our efforts should directly or indirectly contribute to solve social problems like unemployment, lack of entrepreneurship or awareness about health, environment or human rights related issues.

We choose three different paths for reaching this mission: edcuational services, become a beginner for projects and be a center of cultural exchange. 

We are a social business. Solving the social issues and solutions to social problems relating to the community is our priority. But at the same time, we also have a social market; the care with our products and the sales of these for a friendly price.

We acknowledge that social problems are existing in various ways. We take this fact as inspiration to working together and by having a liberal mind to solve these issues.  This is the reason that we try to keep our field as open as possible and react upon the complexity of the issues rather setting a framework of innovation and high quality. 

Our role models are several educational organizations in Europe (Austria). We try making connection with several best organizations like 'Arbeitsmarktservice' or youth organizations like 'Akzente Salzburg'. We also add necessary materials to reach our mission. 

I came to VHS Bhaktapur as an administrative volunteer, and I had a great time working there. VHS has a lot of educational and social programs and I felt very involved in contributing to these programs and to the different events that VHS held during my stay, such as the opening ceremony of their new office in Kathmandu. After the earthquake of April 25, 2015, I was also able to witness how VHS assisted various...

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It was really a great experience to be a volunteer in VHS. I got to learn so much about Nepal through my time in VHS that would not imagine myself be into one culture so much without this exeperience.
The induction into Nepalese culture was so useful and mind-blowing. I have got as much support as I need here that living in Nepal was not only easy but was also very enjoyable..
In addition, I was truly amazed...

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