Chief ÖSD Examiner

VHS Bhaktapur in Kathmandu is looking for a competent and motivated ÖSD Examiner.

Requirement for ÖSD Examiner 

Tasks and Job Description

• Quality assurance before, during and after the exams

• Ensuring ongoing communication between ÖSD and the ÖSD examiners in VHS

• Implement changes in the examination routine

• Signing the certificates

• If necessary coordinate with the German Embassy in regard to questions on the exam

• Support admin team in planning and preparing the exams

• Teaching German Classes on the Levels B1 – C1 according to the demand

• Supervising of official written communications in German Language

• Mentoring and on the job training of our local German teachers

• Supporting the team in improving the educational methods used & quality management

• Supporting of interns in the German language department

• Improving the quality of the language classes through class room supervision

• Together with the team conduct culture programs 

• Together with the team conduct information seminars on studying in Germany

Please email if you are interested.