We know that online learning is super new for most of you. We understand that.

Having that in mind, we want to help you to become comfortable with online learning. This page will try to give you all that you need to know about starting your online class with VHS Bhaktapur in Moodle.

Step 1:

Book your class in our Online Shop. You will have to register and choose from one of the methods of payment.

Step 2:

Once we have received your payment, we will confirm it to you via email and set up your account in our online-academy.

Step 3:

You will receive an email from our Online Academy. In this email, you will get info such as your username, password and a link to start your course.

Watch this video how to start from there:

The video explaining what to do next after receiving an email.

Step 4:

After you have signed up and the course is assigned to you, please watch the video below to understand how to take your class.

Step 5:

Enjoy the classes. Make sure that you complete your tasks and ensure that you write to your teacher either via email or through Moodle itself about your problems, confusion etc.